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We take a booking fee to confirm your appointment and it is non-refundable. This amount will vary due to appointment length/value.


Your booking fee will come off the cost of your appointment on the day unless you opt to carry it over to another appointment. If you decide to pay a larger fee than required, this will still fall under this policy.

We require a minimum of 2 working days notice to re-arrange your appointment to avoid losing your booking fee. More than one rescheduling will require a new booking fee to be paid.

If your appointment falls on a Monday, you must let us know the Wednesday before 5pm if you would like to reschedule as we are closed over the weekend. 


If you fail to attend your appointment without contacting us, this will be considered a no show and your booking fee will be lost. If you are late to your appointment and do not contact us to let us know,  we will hold a slot for 30 minutes after the agreed appointment time. If you miss this, we may not be able to slot you in and you will lose your booking fee. 


Repeat no shows or cancellations, may be required to pay future bookings upfront and could be charged a cancellation fee of £50.

If you do not secure your appointment with a deposit, it may be given to someone else. We try to hold onto the slot for you until the end of that working day, if we have not received a deposit or any contact from you this slot will be offered to someone else.


In booking your appointment and paying your deposit, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. 


If we are ordering specific high value parts in for your vehicle, we will require a minimum of 50% upfront payment for the entire booking as certain parts cannot be returned.


If the work on your vehicle is very labour intensive, we may ask for 50% upfront due to the large amount of time required - for example, a full days booking.

If we are ordering parts, which are VIN specific to your vehicle this will require an 100% upfront payment, unless your vehicle is already with us on site. 

If you book in for work, drop your vehicle off for us to work on and we are required to order parts from our genuine part factors, then you decide you do not want to go ahead with the work then there may be a handling charge for us to return parts to our supplier. This will be chargable. 


These will fall under the same terms as a smaller booking fee. For example, if you no show your appointment or cancel with short notice then you'll lose the 50% you paid. 


Quotes (other than tyres) are valid for 21 days. Tyre quotations are valid for 24 hours due to daily price changes.


Where a quote has been given, it may be revised in the following circumstances: 


  • If the quote is over 21 days old or 24 hours for tyres.

  • If after the work has started, it is discovered more work is anticipated which wasn’t anticipated when the work was quoted.


We’re happy to help and give advice wherever possible, although we have placed a limit of 6 quotations per person without them resulting in a booking. We cannot continuously work hard to build quotes as this takes up a lot of our time. We’re more than happy to help anyone who has genuine question or enquiry and understands that we’re a small business who relies on their bookings. 


Please arrive on time to your appointment. If you arrive after your scheduled appointment time, it may not be possible to extend the time available for your appointment and you may lose your deposit. If you think you may be late, please contact us as soon as possible. 


Please use the main reception door, do not enter via the workshop via the shutter or indoor workshop entrance as this is for staff only. Customers are not permitted to be in the workshop at any time or under any circumstances. 

If you drop your car off or collect your car out of hours using our key drop, please note that this is entirely at your own risk and J&A Automotive will not be held responsible for the damage or loss of your vehicle. 


Parking is available outside of our workshop and is labelled customer parking. If these spaces are not available, please park on the road outside or ask us for help if you are struggling.


Please do not park in any of our neighbours parking (A&J Stairs & Astley) as they require those spaces for their own customers. Please also avoid parking in front of our shutter or driving into the workshop as we require 24-hour access and there is a risk moving vehicles and employees using the shutter door entrance.  


Vehicles must be collected within 24 hours of work being completed unless arranged otherwise and agreed by J&A Automotive.


If not collected within 24 hours, a £25 (inc VAT) per day storage charge will be applied to your invoice. 


When we remove parts from your vehicle, we will give you the standard parts back after your appointment or place them into your boot. If they are too large to be placed into your boot, we will hold onto the parts for 14 days. It will be the customers responsibility to collect these parts, if they are not collected within 14 days they will be disposed of.

We do not fit service parts, engine components or second hand parts that are supplied by the customer, we will only fit parts that we supply. 


If you choose to take our car on loan, you must sign and agree to the terms and conditions. Please bring your driving license card to your appointment – it must be in date.  The loan car must be kept in good condition throughout the period it is on loan. The cost of any damage to the vehicle during this period, however caused, will be the driver’s responsibility. We will cover the driver under our policy and the insurance excess will be chargeable to the user of the courtesy car.  


I agree to maintain the vehicle and keep it in good condition throughout the period it is on loan to me. The reasonable cost of any damage to the vehicle during this period, however caused, will be my responsibility. I understand that any accident involving the loan vehicle must be reported to J&A Automotive Ltd within 1 working day and may lead to the loss of any no claims discounts and the payment of an insurance excess (Excess amount: £1500).


I understand that I will be liable, as if I were the owner of the vehicle for any Fixed Penalty Offence, including fines, parking, or motoring offences which may be committed during the loan period of the courtesy vehicle. 

I understand that I will be liable for any damage to the windscreen while the vehicle is on loan to me and any damage will result in the payment of an insurance excess of £128.68.


I agree I am between the ages of 25 - 65 years old and I have no criminal convictions or any more than 2 penalty points on my licence for the following offences: CU, SP, TS. I also agree I am the sole driver of the vehicle, and I will not allow the use of the vehicle by anyone else, unless this has been authorized by J&A Automotive Ltd.


The vehicle must be returned undamaged and in a similar condition as it was collected/delivered. Do not wash the exterior of the vehicle or take through a car wash. If the vehicle is returned with the interior in an unacceptable condition this will incur a charge of £75 for valeting and the cost of any damage or missing parts etc, plus an administration charge of 10% of the costs or £20, whichever is greater. Do not remove the keyring from the vehicles keys or the above charge will incur.


I will be responsible for all fuel during the time the loan vehicle is in my possession and will return the vehicle with the same fuel level it had at the point of collection/delivery. If the fuel is not replenished a minimum charge of £50 for fuel and 0.2hr labour (£14 INC VAT) will be added to your final invoice and you will not be allowed to use the car again in the future. 


I agree to no smoking or pets/animals in the loan vehicle. If the vehicle is smoked in during the loan period, this will incur an £200 fee and you will not be allowed to use the loan car in the future. The vehicle has a black box and records your driving behaviour, if you receive 2 or more warnings (including speeding, cornering, braking and acceleration) during the loan period, you will not be allowed to use the car again in the future. 


The courtesy car is charged at £15 per day.


I have read and understood the terms and conditions regarding the loan of the loan vehicle and agree to abide by them.


Racingline Performance offer a 30 day money back guarantee on their OEM+ software. A full refund will be offered when there is a fault with the product which Racingline cannot resolve for the customer. 


If a refund is requested and no fault is/was present with the product, J&A Automotive will charge the customer a minimum of two hours labour to cover our time spent on the vehicle during tuning. 



  • All prices shown include VAT and are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change without prior notice. 

Discount Codes:
We reserve the right to withdraw discount codes at any point, even if an order has been processed. 


  • VAT is charged at the current rate of 20% to customers within the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man). 


  • We accept Visa & MasterCard credit cards. 

  • We also accept VISA Debit and MasterCard Debit. We accept Klarna.

  • For card payments we will require the full card number, expiry date, issue number and card holders full statement address details. 

  • We also accept bank transfers - please contact us for our bank account details. 

Our right of cancellation: 

  • If for reasons beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to an inability or failure on part of the manufacturer or supplier of the goods to supply the goods to us, or any other reason we are unable to supply the goods to you, we may cancel the agreement at any time before the goods are delivered by giving notice to you. 

  • In the eventuality of this, we shall refund to you any sums paid by you or on your behalf under or in relation to the agreement. 

  • We shall not be liable for any other loss or damage arising from such cancellation. 


  • Our website does not display any information regarding an items stock level. Whilst we try to keep plenty of stock of our most popular items, it is not always possible for us to keep one of every option of every product on the shelf ready to ship. 

  • If you need an order by a certain day/date, we strongly recommend you contact us to check the availability of the item(s) you require.

  • If you are planning to have your items fitted professionally, please wait until you have received and checked your goods before making any workshop or garage appointments.


If you would like to return your item, please contact us. 

For orders that have been supplied correctly & assuming goods are in re-saleable condition:

  • Within 14 days from the day of delivery - Goods can be returned for any reason for a full refund of goods and outgoing delivery charge.

  • We do not cover returns postage back to us-After 14 days from the day of delivery - Goods can be returned but with a 20% handling charge. The initial delivery charge & return delivery charges will NOT be refunded.

  •  After 28 days from the day of delivery – Goods are not accepted back for a refund.

  • If goods are not in re-saleable condition e.g fitted/test fitted, original packaging not present, covered in grease/lube etc, supplied correctly or incorrectly we will not except for a refund.

For orders that have been supplied incorrectly & assuming goods are in re-saleable condition:

  • Within 28 days from the day of delivery – Goods can be accepted back for full refund, refund for initial shipping and refund for return shipping.

  • If goods are not in re-saleable condition e.g fitted/test fitted, original packaging not present, covered in grease/lube etc, supplied correctly or incorrectly we will not accept for a refund.

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