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J&A Automotive is owned and operated by Jordan and Alana. We are both self-confessed car enthusiasts! We eat, sleep and breathe cars. 

We wanted to introduce ourselves and show you the faces behind J&A! We don't want anyone to feel awkward when messaging or visiting us and I think it's always nice to know who you are actually talking too. Our wee unit is always buzzing with other car enthusiasts and we welcome anyone to come visit us. If you have any questions or queries, please message us we are happy to help anyone even if you are just looking for some advice.


Jordan has worked in the motor trade for nearly 10 years. He served his time at T.O.M before moving onto work for different brand dealerships including Mercedes Benz and BMW. He also worked with an independent VW specialist.  Jordan has always wanted to open his own garage. He has always looked after and modified his own cars and he wanted to help others do the same. He has had some really awesome cars over the years including a yellow bagged Vauxhall Corsa D, a red bagged Mercedes CLA shooting brake, the J&A bagged MK7 Golf R, an Audi RS3 8V Saloon and now he's enjoying a BMW F87 M2. 


As for me, I have also worked in the car industry for around 5 years. I'm now an apprentice mechanic but I worked for a performance tuning company before I moved into sales for Mercedes Benz, then to BMW as a service advisor.. I've loved cars since I was a little girl and when I met Jordan in 2017 he helped me make the dreams I had for my little Seat Ibiza Cupra a reality. This gave us an idea.  We wanted to help make other people's car dreams come true and make sure they received the best service, so we opened J&A Automotive. We take great pride in treating your car as if it was our own and working on it to the highest workmanship standards.  

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Our team is pretty small and family based. We're hoping to grow and expand in the next couple of years and have new people join our family. For now, here are some facts about us all and how we can help you!

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